Mega Joker Random Win

The Mega Joker random win is the jackpot and unusually it has nothing to do with symbols in either of the modes of the slot game. Random win is exactly what it says completely random and all you need to do is to be playing the game but the more you play and the more you play for the better will be your chances. Random wins are not available in free play mode even though you will see the jackpot amount increasing as this means that other people are playing in real money mode.

The jackpot amount is shown and may be in a different currency from the one in which you are playing but any winnings will be converted into your playing currency and credited to your account. The progressive jackpot is built up by 3% of each stake on the Mega Joker slot regardless of which online casino is being played and as there are a number of online casinos which carry this slot game through NetEnt casino software the jackpot can build up quite quickly. Because it is totally random any win will need to be verified by the casino software supplier and the online casino operator and no correspondence will be entered into.

The jackpot counter is running approximately 30 seconds behind actual play so it is possible although highly unlikely that there is a second jackpot winner before the first jackpot winner has been notified. In this case the second jackpot winner will receive the re-seeded jackpot amount.