The supermeter mode when playing Mega Joker is where the big wins are up to a maximum of 2000 coins which if you are playing for £2 is a cool £4000 and it is remarkable easy to achieve 2000 coins especially when playing for 40 coins per spin. Remembering that you are playing five lines and it is perfectly possible to have 5 winning lines then even a row of lemons which is the third lowest win paying 400 coins totals 2000 coins. There of course easier ways such as a single row of 7s which immediately pays 2000 coins.

How to adjust your bet in supermeter mode

Any wins on the standard slot will automatically be credit to your supermeter bank but there is no obligation to play supermeter as you can simply click the “collect” button and your coins will be credited to your balance in the basic mode. Your wins on basic mode will be shown as a win and the bet will show as the maximum you can bet for the next spin which will either be 20, 40, 100 or 200 coins. If you have only won 20 coins in basic mode then the minimum and maximum bet is 20 coins but if you have won 40 coins you can choose to play supermeter for 20 coins or 40 coins per spin by clicking the “bet” button. If you have won 60 coins then the bet will automatically go to 40 coins which is the maximum you can play but you can adjust it down to 20 coins by clicking the “bet” button. Should you choose to play 40 coins and do not win you will only have 20 coins remaining so the bet will default to 20 coins. Similarly if you win 100 coins in basic mode your bet in supermeter mode will default to 100 coins but you can reduce the bet to 20 or 40 coins. When you win in supermeter mode the bet amount will not change automatically but you can increase the bet by using the “bet” button. In other words if you were playing for 20 coins in supermeter mode and won 200 coins the bet will remain at 20 coins for subsequent spins but you have the option of increasing that to 40 coins or even 100 or 200 coins per spin for greater winnings particularly if jokers are involved.

Jokers in Supermeter mode

When playing in supermeter mode at 20 or 40 coins per line single jokers have no value but if you have three jokers on any win line then a prize will be awarded. When playing 20 coins the reward is 1000 coins and when playing anything above 20 coins which means 40, 100 or 200 coins the reward is the maximum of 2000 coins. Based on this you may consider that playing 100 or 200 coins per spin is not worthwhile but there is another chance to win. When playing 100 coins in supermeter mode a single joker on the middle win line gives a random win of between 100 and 2000 coins and when playing 200 coins in supermeter mode a single joker anywhere on the three reels wins a mystery prize of between 200 and 2000 coins for each joker which are then added together up to the maximum of 2000 coins.

Cashing out

Supermeter mode can be cancelled at any time and the coins returned to the main playing bank.